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Alright then here's my script:
#dynamic 0x18D300

#org @start
checkflag 0x1210
if 0x01 goto $after
textcolor 0x00
msgbox @pie 0x5
if 0x1 goto @okay
if 0x0 goto @dont

#org @pie
= Do you want to know the operation?

#org @dont
textcolor 0x00
msgbox @idk 0x5
if 0x1 goto @sure
if 0x0 goto @out

#org @idk
=You already know? Then do you want\nto know how to leave from the\lnorth or east?

#org @sure
= Well you can't leave from the\neast, but you can leave from the\lnorth if I give you an item to\lshow to the guard.

#org @out
= Good you know everything. Now get\nback to work soldier!

#org @okay
= Our Operation is to invade\nViridian City, but there's this\llittle punk that's stopping us.\lHer name is May and she defended\lagainst Magma and Aqua in Hoenn\land she's ready to defend Kanto.\pBeat her and I will allow you to\nleave this god forsaken place.

#org @after
msgbox @shoes1 0x6
= Good job soldier!\p For your\nservice, I'll give you\n an item\lto show to\l the guard. They're\lspecially made from our crafter,\lColonel Raysie!
fanfare 0x13E
textcolor 0x01
msgbox @shoes 0x4
setflag 0x82F
textcolor 0x00
msgbox @sweet 0x2

#org @shoes
= \v\h01 recieved the running shoes!

#org @sweet
= Now get your pokemon ready for\nPumpkin City!

How it looks may not be exactly right due to me just copying the script from XSE, but hopefully this is good enough.