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Update on Gold portion of Ultimate run.
  • Fought up the Lighthouse, talked to Jasmine. Biff evolved into Machoke on the way up.
  • Surfed to Cianwood, got the SecretPotion.
  • Challenged the gym.

    He was pretty easy. Biff took care of Primeape, Poliwrath hit DynamicPunch to take Biff down, then Fangor with a Headbutt, 2 Dragon Rages - 3HKO. Damage from being put to sleep and DynamicPunch/Surf.

  • Got Fly, taught to Kenya, and Flew back to Olivine.
  • Went back up the Lighthouse and healed Amphy.
  • Challenged the Olivine Gym.

    Magnemite went down to Low Kick, then Biff missed the first Low Kick against Sleelix. Iron Tail, Low Kick (flinch), Low Kick, Iron Tail KOed Biff. Fangor OHKO with Surf after a Hyper Potion. Switched to Royal, who put Magnemite down with Hypnosis+Night Shade after being paralyzed.

  • Flew back to Ecruteak and made my way to Mahogany Town. Went to the Lake of Rage, killed the red Gyarados with Fangor, then talked to Lance.
  • Found the Hideout and cleared it out.

    Too Easy. Royal swept her.

  • Challenged the ice gym, who was no match for Biff + Fangor with Surf against Piloswine. Forgot the screenshot though.
  • Am about to take on TR at the Goldenrod Radio Tower.

Team Wes:

Biff (Machoke, F) - L34 @ Soft Sand
Moves: Low Kick, Dig, Seismic Toss, Vital Throw

Royal (Haunter, M) - L35 @ Quick Claw
Moves: Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Night Shade, Confuse Ray

Fangor (Gyarados, F) - L34 @ None
Moves: Headbutt, Bite, Surf, Dragon Rage

Kenya (Spearow, F) - L10 @ Flower Mail
Moves: Peck, Growl, Leer, Fly

Geodude, F - L6 @ Charcoal
Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl, Rock Smash, Strength

Leaf (Chikorita, M) - L12
Moves: Reflect, Cut, Razor Leaf, Flash

HUGE update #2. I started playing and didn't stop till I had beaten 4 Kanto Gym Leaders lol. Speed button FTW.

  • Kicked TR out of the Goldenrod Radio Tower.
  • After beating the fake director, I beat Kris in the UW. Forgot screenshot though.

    Easy Peasy. I was a few levels above them.

  • Flew to Mahogany Town and went through the Ice Path to Blackthorn City.
  • Once I got there, I Flew to Goldenrod and bought the Ice Punch and Thunderpunch TMs, taught them to Royal and Biff, respectively.
  • Royal destroyed the Dragon gym with Ice Punch, though I actually ended up using Fangor against Clair.

    Fangor swept her even Paralyzed with the benefit of a few Quick Claw activations, Dragon Rage, and a Hyper Beam miss by Kingdra.

  • Got the Dragon Fang and the Rising Badge, then got a call from Prof. Elm.
  • Went home, got a Masterball, then surfed east to Kanto.
  • Made my way to Victory Road.
  • Kris showed up again.

    His Pokemon are just pitiful.

  • At Indigo Plateau, I evolved Royal and Biff into Gengar and Machamp.

    Pre-Elite Four Team Wes:

    Biff (Machamp, F) - L42 @ Soft Sand
    Moves: Low Kick, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Vital Throw

    Royal (Gengar, M) L41 @ Nevermeltice
    Moves: Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Ice Punch, Dream Eater

    Fangor (Gyarados, F) - L41 @ Amulet Coin
    Moves: Headbutt, Bite, Surf, Dragon Rage
  • Now to face the Elite Four:

    Royal swept Will with Ice Punch and Shadow Ball. Damage is from one Slowbro Psychic.

    Koga was taken down by Fangor and Royal. Crobat with DT was annoying as hell. Dream Eater missed three times in a row while he was asleep. How does that make sense?!?

    Bruno was swept by Biff with Earthquake and a new move, Cross Chop. Late screenshot here lol.

    Karen was easy, too. Biff was almost through until Houndoom came out and was able to outspeed Biff with a Flamethrower. Fangor cleaned up with Surf.

    Lance was really easy. Ice Punch OWNS in this game. Biff 2HKOed Gyarados with Thunderpunch, then got really lucky and OHKOed Aerodactyl with a crit Vital Throw after Wing Attack left her with 2 HP. Charizard came in and killed Biff, then Fangor 2HKOed with Surf after a crit Hyper Beam left him with 3 HP. Dragonite killed him, then Royal came in with IOCE POINCH!!!!! OHKOed the rest of the Dragonites untouched, as you can see.
    Fangor L42, Biff L45, Royal L44 in the HOF.

  • Now that I was the Champion, it was time to take on Kanto!
  • First, I went to the Tin Tower and killed Ho-oh.
  • Then I breezed through the Fast Ship S.S. Aqua.
  • Lt. Surge was my first gym victim.

  • Up next was Sabrina. OHKO with Shadow Ball. Three up, three down.

  • Next was Erica. Ice punch swept the floor.

  • Bought Hyper Beam from the Game Corner, taught it to Fangor.
  • Janine, who is even weaker than Clair, was squashed like the bug she is in this game (She is much better in the remakes) by Fangor's Hyper Beam.

Right now I am about to go to the Power Plant.

Team Wes:

Biff (Machamp, F) - L47 @ Soft Sand
Moves: Cross Chop, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Vital Throw

Royal (Gengar, M) - L48 @ Nevermeltice
Moves: Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Ice Punch, Dream Eater

Fangor (Gyarados, F) - L48 @ Amulet Coin
Moves: Headbutt, Bite, Surf, Hyper Beam

And the HM slaves. Psyduck is in the box right now, but will be needed for Mt. Silver.

Kenya (Spearow, F) - L10
Moves: Peck, Growl, Leer, Fly

Manny (Geodude, F) - L6
Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl, Rock Smash, Strength

Leaf (Chikorita, M) - L12
Moves: Reflect, Cut, Razor Leaf, Flash

Splash (Psyduck, M) - L21 (boxed)
Moves: Whirlpool, Waterfall, Flash, Confusion
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