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    Originally Posted by sab View Post
    I know that, but I still feel that the public in general should have an input on the final decision. There should be a judge that solely represents the public's opinion. It should be that members are allowed to rate each of the hacks on the same table the judges do and have that data added into the final result. I think that this is how it should work. The votes from the members would be tallied averaged and counted on the final round as yet another judge called public or something. It would then be averaged in with the rest the way other judges are. That way the general public could be nearly garunteed that there was a fair representation of their general opinion in the votes, even if it was only one judge. We all generally agree on (more or less) which are the top five hacks, but everyone has a hard time deciding which is the best. Don't get me wrong though, there needs to be a balance. We need to have some experienced judges too. If not there will be many n00bs saying "me tink dis is bestest hak eva!!!!! It gets 10/10 wile teh rest get 1/10." I just think that having five or so people who make the final decision isn't always the best representation of what everyone thinks, and I'm just trying to give a solution/compromise which all could agree upon.
    I think it's better if everyone poll (the top 3) then the judges judge the hacks (the top 3), then the score is judge+vote, just like R/S/E Contest