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Happy New Year!
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    Team name: I don't have one xD
    Team Leader: Me (chriskid198).
    Current Members: None.
    Current Game title: Pokemon Onyx Version (Possible to be changed).
    Current progress made: Very little, still in planning stages. (Actual development of maps begin about 3/12/2010)
    Position(s) needed: Fakemon Spriter, Tileset Spriter, OW Spriter(both RMXP format), someone to help on the actual coding of the game and maybe a backup scripter/mapper.
    Timezone: Uhmm.. +10 GMT.
    Preferred Method of contact: PM.
    Additional info: I am NOT using Pokemon Essentials! PM me if your interested. Include what you can do. Tile Spriter and someone to help code the engine needed the most!
    Looking for Team Members for my game! PM me if your interested.