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Episode 6: The Reluctant Ally

[BGM: Prepare for Battle...]

"Wow..." Ash gasped as he led some apprentices into a large room filled with books and maps. While most of the young clerics sat on the floor, some opted to sit at the table in the center of the room.

"This is the Room of Planning." Dawn explained. "On the occassions we do have to take up a weapon for Her cause, all the weaponmasters and mistresses come here first to plan the offensive."

"So you're not totally opposed to fighting..." Ash mused as a cleric with an image of a sword on the sleeve of his robe walked by.

"No...even Anima knows She must defend Her people and Her light...the problem is when people fight for selfish reasons." Dawn replied. "Even so, we are charged with protecting Whitespell, and we will not let a demon cat destroy it!"

"I don't recall couerls being that strong..." Ash noted. "I can however, help with planning a strategy." He let that hang as Ethani approached a podium overlooking the table to address the crowd, prompting them to stand.

"Brothers and Sisters of Whitespell, a grave situation is upon us--a creature of the dark threatens to harm us, only held back by a magical wall." Ethani began. "We have both an edge and a disadvantage in the fight--while we do not know how to destroy a demon cat, we do have a mage well versed in magical creatures..." Ash waved hello. "and a minstrel who can sing spells as easily as a song." Excited whispers filled the air as Brock gave an acknowledging nod and motioned for Kissa to return to his side. "May the Lady of Light grant them the wisdom and words necessary for us to win this battle." With that, the apprentices sat down as a cleric offered Ash a large book titled "The Fantastic Creatures of Yoso."

Ash thumbed through the book for a moment, savoring the memories he had of looking at the pictures of the Legendary Pokemon, unicorns, griffons, and various were-Pokemon before focusing on the creature he had to find. Let's see here...dragons, Moltres, Lugia, garudas, chimeras, imps, it is! After turning the book so those at the table could see the page about the couerl, he addressed the crowd. "The couerl, or the demon cat as it is popularly known, is one of the very few feline creatures to have a breath attack similar to dragons. The major difference between the two is what the breath does."

"We know a dragon's breath is magic..." an apprentice spoke up as she shooed Pikachu away from the Berries at the center of the table.

"Unlike a dragon, a couerl's breath focuses more on unpleasent effects, including instantly killing whatever it touches." Ash continued. "Fortunately, our couerl does not appear to be a Queen--that's the one that can kill instantly with its breath."

"It's not even big enough to be a Queen demon cat..." a boy apprentice noted as he fearfully glanced outside at the dozing couerl behind the Wall spell.

"And thank Lady Anima that it's not a anail!" a girl apprentice agreed. Nervous giggles wafted through the crowd at the horror stories of the dragon-like monster notorious for a breath toxic enough to do everything short of killing a person that the other clerics and minstrels had told them.

"If I may, Ash..." Brock made his way through the crowd and looked out at the dozing couerl, harp in hand. "Seer of the Cosmos, grant me wisdom hidden from the world! Galaxy Eye!" The crowd watched as an image of a galaxy formed in the room from the harp strings, creating an outline of the couerl outside in the swirling stars.

"What do you see, Sir Brock?" Ethani asked as everyone listened to the elegant yet playful melody creating the "galaxy" Brock was studying as he played.

"I can tell that this couerl is a young adult that has just left its mother's den, so the only thing its breath can do at this time is paralyze a target." Brock explained. "Even so, we must be on guard--poisoning the beast won't do a thing, but any sort of fire or water attack should be enough to defeat it." With that, he ended his song, making the "galaxy" and the outline inside disappear in a flash of light.

"I say we dump water all over it!" an apprentice interjected, making excited whispers fill the air.

"But how are we going to get the buckets over the demon cat's head?" another began. "That beast is huge!"

"Why use buckets when I could just as easily play the spell Dark Water?" Brock suggested to a group of clerics. Conversation buzzed through the room as the groups of clerics planned the attack:

"What's that do?"

"Is it like an anail's breath?"

"Not exactly--it's more like a wave of water that causes unplesant effects..."

"I still say we dump water on it!"

"Didn't the minstrel say we could also use fire?"

"Yeah! Can't we ignite our arrows?"

"Or freeze them?"

"There's an idea!"

"But how do we do that?"

"Easy! I'll just cast a spell and have you guys fire through it to enchant the arrows."

"But how do we work the minstrel into this?"

"While Sir Ash and I help the other Bowmasters and the Spearmasters to wear the demon cat down, Sir Brock could climb on the rocky outcropping overlooking the gate and play Dark Water or some other debuff song on my signal."

"Lady Dawn, you're a genius!"

"You sure he can climb that high?

"Relax, we learn how to tumble and backflips, so of course I can climb up high cliffs such as that outcropping."

"Let's go show that demon cat that we're stronger!"

"YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Ash, Dawn, and Brock led the charge out of the room and down the path to the front gate, where the Wall spell containing the dozing couerl was starting to flicker.


"Okay...." Ash motioned for the crowd to circle around him. "Here's the plan...When the Wall spell wears off and the courl wakes, it will likely be very angry--that's why we need to strike early and hard before it decides to attack us."

"Bow trainees, be ready to fire as soon as Sir Ash casts his first spell." Dawn reminded her group of apprentices.

"That goes for you too, spear trainees." a Spearmaster agreed.

"What should the signal be for me to get in position on the outcropping?" Brock asked as he tensely watched the wall's flickering grow faster and faster and the stirring couerl.

"The code is 'Dancing Swablu'" Dawn replied.

Ethani carefully stepped through the crowd and faced them, her back against the rapidly flickering wall. "Before you head into battle, let me first protect you in the Lady's unending light..." With that, she formed a shining wave of white light. "Enduring light, shield from roaring magic! Lux!" At this, white auras began forming on every member of the crowd, Ash, Brock, Pikachu, and Kissa included.

"Lux...never heard of that spell..." Ash mused as he watched the white glow surround him.

"It's a spell only high clerics can cast--it combines the buffs for physical and magical defense and revival with a little strength if you fall." Dawn explained. "I've only seen Lady Ethani cast it one other time besides now, so she only saves it for emergencies." With that, she readied an arrow just as the Wall disappeared in a flash of blue.

[Cut BGM]

[BGM: Out of the Ground, Raze All Greenery in Flame! (battle theme 1)]

Ash began charging a red ball of energy and aimed it skyward in the path of the many arrows and spears waiting to be fired and thrown. "Out of the ground, raze all greenery in flame!" A roar nearby signaled that the couerl had awakened and was preparing to pounce on the large crowd. "Fire!" The red energy ball flew into the sky, creating a wave of flame and igniting hundreds of arrows and spears that went flying at the couerl, knocking it backwards. Ash drew his blade and raced through the stream of arrows and spears to join the Blademasters and their groups in slashing at the huge cat, desperately trying to get at its chest as flaming arrows and spears rained on the couerl from above.

"Flames of passion, give these blades an anger that burns! Fire Blade!" Brock called before retreating to the path leading to the outcropping, playing a calm melody all the while that made all of the swords glow red with fire energy.

"Thanks!" Ash called before delivering a slash to the couerl's leg. The couerl retaliated by blowing a pale yellow mist at the crowd of clerics and the mage surrounding it. Ash rolled out of the way, but some of the clerics were not so lucky, and were quickly carried away to Ethani's safe room nearby the main temple to have their paralysis removed.

"Is it immune to arrows and spears?" Dawn worried as the couerl hurled some of the arrows and spears embedded in its skin back at the crowd, causing many groups to scatter with the weaponmasters carrying the wounded to safety. Then an idea came to her--what if, for some crazy reason, the couerl itself was somehow buffed, and therefore immune to the crowd's attack? Buffed by who, she didn't know, and she didn't know any spell that would confirm her theory, but she decided to charge a reddish purple light. "Illusions and lies of darkness, begone! Dispel!"

Ash gasped as he saw a greenish flash around the couerl. "What in the..."

"The reason why the couerl has not been affected by our spells and attacks is because it was somehow buffed." Dawn replied as more of the weapons masters raced by carrying wounded or paralyzed apprentices. "How and by who I don't know, but maybe now we have an edge!" She whistled and yelled over the noise "Dancing Swablu!". Brock nodded, wrapped his harp in his cloak, and started climbing up the rocky tower overlooking the gate.

Hurry, Brock... Ash worried as he jumped out of the way of the couerl's claws and slashed at one of its legs, making a deep gash form. Enraged, the couerl spotted Brock emerging at the outcropping and lunged at him, pinning him to the rock under a paw.

"Pika!" Pikachu gasped.

"Oh, Anima, not now!" Kissa cried as she watched her master helplessly struggle beneath the couerl's paw, his harp's neck and column cracked and out of reach.

Ash's heart pounded as he ran towards the outcropping--he had to save Brock, and quickly, from becoming the couerl's next meal. Please, Lady of Light, spare my friend! he frantically prayed as he began climbing up the rocks leading to where Brock was being held.

"Don't!" Dawn called after him, stopping him in his tracks. "If you tried to climb up there, you might get pinned to the rock yourself!"

"I have to save my companion somehow, even if it means giving my own life!" Ash shot back as he prepared to continue climbing. Dawn sighed, knowing the mage would resist any plea to come down, and followed Ash up to the outcropping, just in case he too was pinned to the rocks.

[BGM: I Sing of Confidence (Roni's theme)]

The couerl lifted another paw, and prepared to deliver a lethal blow to Brock's chest when suddenly, a female voice called "Water of mystery, hide us from the darkness' world! Illusion Mist!" Then, the sound of panpipes playing a mysterious breathy song pierced the air, hiding Brock from the couerl's claws in a veil of pale blue mist.

"Who's there?" Dawn called over the song as she reached for her bow and readied one of her few remaining arrows.

"Peace, Lady of the Goddess--I only came to save my friend." a familiar voice replied. It wasn't until he saw some familiar deep red hair and a dull green tunic through the mist that he recognized the voice--Roni!

"What are you doing here?" Brock gasped as he finally wriggled free from the couerl's paw and raced to assess the damage of his instrument.

"I came hoping to learn where the Beads of the Elements were from the high cleric here, and saw you held down by a demon cat, about to become its lunch!" Roni explained. "Likewise, what brought you here?"

"I was helping the clerics drive away this monster when it pinned me down." Brock replied. "Had you not arrived, I very well could have been couerl food!"

"See, Roni and Brock both trained in the same minstrel's hall, and Roni is also one of the few that can sing magic." Ash told Dawn as Brock and Roni continued to talk inside the mist. "They did not get along very well, and still view each other as rivals--while Brock is nice about it when he is around her, Roni relies on her charms and looks to manipulate others to get her way, and will not hesitate to distract potential rivals to get what she wants."

"Say..." Dawn interuppted, getting Brock and Roni's attention. "Since both of you can sing magic, is it possible to combine two instruments or voices performing the same spell to make it stronger?"

"Why do you ask?" Ash was interested.

"Yes, that is possible--but only the one casting the spell names it and starts the song." Brock replied as he drew his blade and laid it on a crude wooden aiming platform, making sure to aim it at the couerl. "Any others can join in at any time--and the more instruments or voices performing, the better."

"You don't have to have the ability to sing magic to join, but the one that starts it has to." Roni cautioned. "And if you're planning to unleash your super secret emergency spell, you have a tiny little problem--how exactly do you play a broken harp?" She gestured to Brock's shattered instrument to prove her point.

"Here..." Dawn charged a blue ball of energy in her hands. "Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy! Cure!" The blue energy enveloped the broken harp for a few moments, rendering it good as new when the light faded away.

"My deepest thanks, Lady Dawn--this harp is special to me." Brock smiled, running a finger across the newly repaired strings.

[Cut BGM]

[BGM: Guiding Light, Shed Magic Power From Above! (tide turns in heroes' favor)]

"Well, not the oddest way I've seen Cure used, but that's one way to fix a harp." Roni turned her attention to the couerl batting away swordsmen and scores of wounded apprentices being carried away as the last of the mist faded away, "Next question is how to scare off this demon cat once and for all...."

"I'm angry enough to want to use my emergency spell--and this definitely counts as an emergency!" Brock muttered as he approached where his sword was aimed at the couerl's neck. "Plus, I want you to play with me, even though we are sworn rivals." he told Roni. "As thanks for saving me."

"I was only doing what I had to, but I'll play." Roni reluctantly sighed as she retrieved her pipes. "You start it..."

[Cut BGM]

"Lights of the Holy Realm, rend through my enemy like the goddess' sword! Anima no Espada!" Brock commanded, making both his harp and Roni's pipes glow in many colors for a moment. Roni began the mysterious song she had played before again, with Brock providing a droning countermelody as backup.

[BGM: Anima no Espada]

"Amazing!" Dawn gasped as the light from both instruments began to energize Brock's weapon.

"What's the spell doing?" Ash asked as the sword glowed brighter and brighter with rainbow energy.

"Both instruments are charging your friend's blade with rainbow light, which will destroy the couerl in a beam of many colors." Dawn replied. Ash gasped as a large shining beam went flying at the couerl, its dying screech drowned out by the explosion of light.

[BGM: Unleash the Colors of a Melody (heroes' victory)]

"We did it!" an apprentice cheered. The crowd roared as Brock retrieved his weapon and led the others down onto the main path.

"Oh, master, you're all right!" Kissa giggled as Brock ran to hug her, joyful tears in her eyes.

"Pika!" Pikachu threw himself into Ash's arms, elated.

"I owe Roni my thanks..." Brock assured Kissa. "She actually saved my life!"

"We all owe you our deepest gratitude for saving Whitepell." Ethani interjected. "Anima smiles upon our victory today." More cheers came from the crowd in agreement. Roni nodded in approval and walked out into the forest.

"Didn't she say she was going to ask about the Beads here?" Kissa asked as she watched Roni walk off into the sunset.

"Maybe she thought of a better place to ask around, I guess..." Ash mused--maybe there was more to Roni than he thought.

"We'll go on that theory, then." Brock smiled. "In the meantime, let us celebrate our victory and prepare for our expedition into the catacombs." Ash nodded in agreement--maybe his friend would compose a song to mark their victory!

To Be Continued....
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