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    Update 5:

    - Took out the Red Gyarados, incurring £3000 in fines trying to work out how to get the Sludge Bomb TM (turns out you can only get it after clearing the Secret Basement)
    - Cleared the Secret Basement with Lance... got Sludge Bomb TM
    - Beat several shades of snot out of Pryce (another Gym I never have trouble with). By the time I challenged him my team were all at least the level of his higest level Pokemon, Piloswine (lv.34), so he was absolutely no challenge.
    - Headed over to Goldenrod to clear out the Radio Tower and the Underground Base - Misdreavus, Croagunk and Omanyte all evolved in the process
    - Once Team Rocket were forced out of Johto once and for all, I headed over to Blackthorn City
    - Once I reached it, I used the Move Obliviator to delete Cut from Pinsir's moveset and Rock Smash from Toxicroak's
    - Swept through the Blackthorn Gym, although Clair proved a bit tricky because Kingdra was faster than Dragonair and OHKO'd him with Dragon Pulse. Toxicroak sorted him in the end though, spamming Focus Punch when Kingdra bizarrely decided to use Hyper Beam repeatedly
    - Got a phone call from Professor Elm - some Kimono Girls wanted to take me on. Caught a Poliwag and evolved it to Poliwhirl for HM Slave purposes (wasted a lot of valuable XP that could have been used on my team Pokemon in the process... Grr)
    - Pinsir took out Umbr and Esp, Omastar took out Flar, Toxicroak finished off Jolt and Mismagius ate up Vapor... nomnomnom
    - The Kimono Girls decided I was ready to take on Lugia, so after clearing out Whirl Islands, that was exactly what I did... and Mismagius ate him up too! Nomnomnomnomnom
    - Bumped into Raikou and caught him in my Master Ball to trade to my main HG game later on... why not!
    - Saved just after reaching Kanto, heading towards Victory Road and the Pokemon League

    The Team:

    Croagunk, Male, Relaxed, Lv.41
    Poison Jab, Faint Attack, Focus Blast, Nasty Plot
    Impressions: this is the sort of Pokemon that really pleases me: not only does he look awesome, but he has the skills to back it up. It was a bit shaky until he hit lv.41 because after forgetting Rock Smash, the only reliable attacking move he had was Faint Attack, which didn't hit too hard (the other two moves being Nasty Plot and Focus Blast). Now he's got Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb to follow, he's laughing.

    Omastar, Male, Mild, Lv.41
    AncientPower, Mud Shot, Headbutt, Surf
    Impressions: I almost feel like I'm underusing this guy. His Sp.Atk is the highest single stat of any of my Pokemon, so he levels up in the blink of an eye - he just steamrollers anything he's up against, getting so far ahead of the rest I have to leave him for a while for the rest to catch up. Possibly my new favourite fossil - the rest never seemed to have the moveset to back up their awesome stats/typings. And AncientPower got off to a good start - it raised all of (then) Omanyte's stats 3 times out of the first 4 times I used it!

    Mismagius, Female, Docile, Lv.41
    Confuse Ray, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, Psybeam
    Impressions: Mismagius is a fun word to type. Mismagius. Mismagius. Anyway, she's awesome in literally every way. She's lightning quick and takes opponents as threatening as Lugia down in the blink of an eye, barely taking any damage because of her awesome Sp.Def. A real star.

    Girafarig, Female, Sassy, Lv. 41
    Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Assurance, Strength
    Impressions: I fear that Girafarig's time in the spotlight may be drawing to a close. She's still rock solid and dependable, but she's simply being overtaken now by more powerful teammates like Toxicroak, Omastar and Mismagius. Still, I love her fiercely, and she came in handy when she was the only Pokemon I had who could learn Flash for Whirl Islands (well, Mismagius could too, but I would rather replace Girafarig's rarely used Reflect than any of Mismagius' moveset). If Mismagius' star is on the rise, Girafarig's has just faded slightly.

    Dragonair, Male, Adamant, Lv.41
    Thunder Wave, Dragon Rush, Aqua Tail, Extremespeed
    Impressions: Dragonair's topsy-turvy performance record continues. In the mid-30s (after Jasmine really) he suddenly hit an awkward phase where his only accurate offensive move was Extremespeed which only has 5PP, and neither Iron Tail nor Aqua Tail was quite powerful enough to finish tougher oppoents in one hit. All of that... well, ok, half of that changed with the advent of Dragon Rush though, and (slightly disappointing performance in the Blackthorn Gym aside) he's still a valuable and strong member of the team.

    Pinsir, Male, Quiet, Lv.41
    X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Rock Tomb, Brick Break
    Impressions: Pinsir's jumped up in my estimations again. X-Scissor is a brutal attack in his hands (paws? Claws?) and his performance in tearing the Kimono Girls to shreds was invaluable - I usually struggle against the first one and her Umbreon! Luckily there will be lots of Rock and Psychic Pokemon from here on that Pinsir can destroy with Brick Break and X-Scissor respectively. And I get the feeling he's looking forward to it...
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