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Originally Posted by M4 View Post
How does Ash's over 9000 Pikachu lose to some newbie who has a lv5 Pokemon.. Facepalm
I merged your thread on Pikachu losing to Shooti's Tsutaja with its corresponding episode. Episode Discussion is for each episode, not individual questions on what occurred. Those can be asked with the episode it relates to or in the FAQ & Simple Help Thread over in the main Pokémon Anime board.

I actually agree though. I couldn't help but shake my head in disappointment after the writers made Pikachu lose to a starting Pokémon. It goes to show however, that the anime does not follow the LV. 5 rule as the games. Plus, Pikachu not being able to use its electrical moves came as a shock to Ash and itself. On the other hand, Pikachu did have other attacks. :\
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