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    Originally Posted by Ramesses View Post
    Ok..sorry for hearing a bit n00bish, but I can't find Rock it somewhere on Isle Of Calm?..I've already finished with Deadly Seven there...
    Once you clear the Island of Calm and rescue Gleis, he will give you Rock smash as a reward. Have you defeated the Deadly Seven's leader, Asimov? He'll tell you how to get into the tunnels underneath the Island and therefore progress in the game. As a bonus, I'll tell you too:

    After defeating Asimov, go back to the entrance of Island of Calm and talk to the sign that has the player character's description on it. A secret switch will reveal itself, an oblique reference to the Rocket Game Corner.

    Am I seeing an Orange as a Pokémon?
    Yes. Yes you are. It is a Radiorange, a personal favourite of mine - which is why it is on my team. It's pretty hard to get.

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