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    Originally Posted by pieguy259 View Post
    It's a pretty cool concept; I'd play it. Is there a gym structure like in other games?
    I... I don't see why there wouldn't be. In fact, if you check the map, the cities marked 1 to 8 are where I imagined the gyms to be.
    Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
    First of all, I do find it odd to base a region in a Pokemon game one-to-one off of an actual location in Eastern Europe. My Russian geography is a little rusty (i.e., nonexistent), so I can't really judge on that front. I do agree that the idea of using the visual style of Russian locales would be a very interesting idea. I have seen various photos and the like of places in Russia in different periods and like you said it's a very diverse area that could make for some very interesting places to explore.

    How would normal game mechanics work in this setting though? Would the gyms be set up like in a typical Pokemon region or would the region still be recovering and have a far less formal 'league' in place? Does the region have the same quality of health care that other regions display in Pokemon Centers? What else would set apart the setting from others?
    Oooh. OOOH. :3 I like those. That's good. I hadn't even thought about it, but actually, that's perfect. Gyms, I reckon, would probably be normal-ish, controlled by the richer people in most cases. Healthcare, however. According to one of the tour guides, healthcare is meant to be free in Russia, but really, it doesn't work that way. Maybe in some of the bigger cities, I could have Unity members controlling them. Forcing a payment. Yes. Anyway, you've gotten me thinking, so thanks!
    On the whole however I really see the potential in this idea, and would enjoy watching it unfold.
    Thanks for the support!
    Originally Posted by Spikey-Eared Pichu View Post
    #1. How will you into this? I can see the main character being some new addition to Team Unity, or even a commoner who idolizes the Team at first, but then realizes their motives cover gruesome behavior.
    I think the latter would make more sense, certainly.
    #2. Gyms. Pretty basic question. How will they fit into this? Will the Leaders be associated with Team Unity, or will they lead some form of rebel union?
    Probably not associated at all, if I follow the rich-guys-run-the-gyms line, but maybe the poorer ones could be. It'd be a good way to get the leaders involved in the action.
    #3. Ancient long-gone Pokemon? Cliche, to say the least. If it's a Fakemon, even worse. Elaborate?
    Long-gone? I wouldn't call 100 years *that* long-gone, especially if it's on display in some kind of museum like Lenin's body is. I'm not *really* sure what you want me to elaborate on. xD
    Originally Posted by Birdybot View Post
    It was the Bolsheviks who took over Russia, but later they changed their name to the Communist Party and I don't know if you want to make up a name for your pre-ruling communists. Also, St. Petersburg should change names a few times in the storyline, perhaps, like it did in the revolution? Also, back in the first revolution, the dramatic communist changes resulted in the deaths of about 5 million people due to famine, so perhaps you could include that sort of thing progressing as well as maybe a secret police?
    Ah, I think you've missed the point a little. I'm hoping to emulate the situation in Russia now, not during the revolution itself. However, a pun on Bolsheviks might be an idea. Hm.

    Thanks for the comments, guys! I appreciate hearing questions, as it often helps me generate some ideas.
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