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Originally Posted by SooperTrooper View Post
Alright, I'm still having problems with a basic script;

The script I'm writing;

So, I write that script in XSE after setting up the sprite & such in Advanced Map. After I click compile, I copy the @start offset and paste it to the sprite's offset on Advanced Map. I then save on Advanced Map and go to test it out on the rom.

My problem is that when I approach the character in game, I click 'A' and all it does is make that 'bing' noise. Help?
The script looks fine (though the 'release' command is redundant) so the problem probably lies elsewhere. However, your whole process seems solid to me. Are you sure that you're testing the same ROM that you have open in AdvanceMap and XSE (and that you have the same ROM open in both)?

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