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    Originally Posted by JettenD View Post
    crap I'm stuck, can anyone help me? I just joined that..purple haired chick..or whatever the hell her name is, beat the tower got the bike..or scooter? what do I do now?
    Use the Yellow Vespa to climb the mudslides out of the desert and head north.

    Originally Posted by DonMoosavi View Post
    I don't know if you answered this, but what do you have planned for pokemon keratin? What's the basic premise? I know you're not even done this hack, im just curious as to what's next in line after this...
    ...will be set in a single huge city, named Kahuto, ruled by multiple warring crime gangs: The International Guild of Clowns, the Meat Mafia and the Voltmeisters. However, the balance of power is upset when two new gangs try to muscle in on the scene: the infamous Team Rocket and a rock band called Bad Sofa. You can either join one of these teams and complete missions in Kahuto to advance the team's cause, or you can work for Prof. Ork, the region's resident Pokémon Professor, in a slightly illegal capacity. So yeah, that's it. I've actually made a little bit of it already, and it seems like it won't be too much of a challenge to make until the player gets really deep into the storyline. Like Snakewood, it will be full of references and really, really stupid things that are also really funny.

    Originally Posted by cheatfreak23 View Post
    The bike is replaced by a Yellow Vespa that you get from the Monastary that replaced Lavaridge Town. Strength, from what I can tell, is nowhere to be found in the hack yet. And the rocks I talked about, Im not sure if they have been moved yet but it didnt matter since I started using the Walk Through Walls code to get the item.
    The rocks, I think, have been moved in the latest update, but I'm not sure.

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