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    Okay, I've got some problem with setting rematches in Emerald
    Every rematch uses this style of coomand
    trainerbattle 0x2 0xB7 0x0 0x829B449 0x829B480 0x81F2A33
    special2 LASTRESULT 0x3C
    compare LASTRESULT 0x1
    if 0x1 goto 0x81F2A52
    #org 0x1F2A52
    trainerbattle 0x5 0xB7 0x0 0x829B547 0x829B59D
    okay, 0x2 is the kind of battle (doesn't matter here, 0x2 is for a common trainer that allows 3 pointers instead of the usual 2 from 0x0), 0xB7 is the battle ID, 0x0 as filler (every battle has it[?]) then the 3 pointers are the @before, @after and @later
    then we've got the special2, which I don't know how it works, which points somewhere else.
    The adress it goes to has a 0x5 (rematch), but calls the same battle as the first one. However, it calls one of the later battles (in this example, 0xB8, 0xB9, 0xBA or 0xBB).

    Can someone give me a hand this time? As you may see, there are 4 battles here, which goes in order (there is some check, somewhere, that calls the first rematch avaliable, or repeat the last one if all of them were already used.) What I want to do is change these battles, for adding rematch trainers, and removing rematches from some (like, one common trainer with a single rematch, and gym leaders with more than the usual four).
    in short: what does special2 0x3c do, and how to change it?