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<3 And play it you shall someday.

And now to move on to...


As you crawl through Super Rising Thunder!'s Dungeons (and its Mini-Dungeons, as well), take each step forward cautiously - for you never know when you might end up triggering a Trap! Traps in SRT work much like they do in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - they are hidden tiles on the Dungeon map that cause a variety of effects, both positive and negative. Some types of Traps have a chance of not working when you trip them, and some types of Traps (mainly Swarm Traps and Sticky Traps, though this effect only comes into play in later Dungeons) can be manually disabled by throwing Rocks on them. Other Traps will work all the time, every time, just to give you trouble. XD

So far, there are ten different Traps, but I am eager for suggestions for other Trap ideas. If you have an idea for a Trap (please don't suggest Trap concepts that require ASM, such as damaging Traps or status effect Traps!), by all means let me know! The more variety in the Traps, the better
  • Warp Trap:
    This Trap works just like its PMD counterpart does - trip it, and it'll warp you to a random location somewhere else on the map. XD
  • Sticky Trap:
    This Trap is similar to its PMD version. This Trap picks an item at random. If you have at least one of that item; it is rendered sticky and unusable, and is lost. If you don't have the Item that the Trap targets, lucky you! The Trap fails to work, and you get off scot-free. Sticky Traps in later Dungeons will try to take more than one of the targeted item away from you - imagine losing five Hyper Potions in one blow But you can save your Items (sometimes) if you have a lot of Rocks (what you earn from Battles, instead of currency). Later Dungeon Sticky Traps will sometimes give you the option of avoiding their ill effects by throwing a quantity of Rocks on them.
  • Chestnut Trap:
    This Trap works differently from its PMD counterpart. There; it's a damaging Trap, but here, stepping on the prickly painful Chestnut startles you into dropping Rocks (in other words, you lose money, and have less of it to throw at Traps, and less of it to use to heal yourself...). This Trap can fail if the random amount of Rocks it "decides" to try to take from you is more than the amount of Rocks you currently possess.
  • Slowpoke Trap:
    This Trap works in the same spirit as its PMD version - trip it, and you're slowed down. In other words, your ability to run is taken away for the rest of the Dungeon (or the rest of the floor, for bigger Dungeons). You'll be able to run again once you exit, or when you spawn on the next floor.
  • Pitfall Trap:
    This Trap works the same way in PMD. Trip it, and you fall back down to a lower floor. This Trap, of course, appears only in multi-floor dungeons.
  • Swarm Trap:
    Step on this Trap and you'll be attacked by Flash-born; all in a swarm. These Traps take the place of Trainer battles in SRT - they are often placed in unavoidable areas; and the battles can't be run from. You can, however, in later Dungeons, disable these Traps by throwing Rocks at them - generally, a way to try and escape with your hide intact when you're out of items and low on health...
  • PP Trap:
    Works much like its PMD counterpart. Step on this Trap, and it drops the PP of a random move known by the Team Leader to zero. This Trap always targets whoever's first in your party; for a maximum obnoxiousness factor. XD
  • Present Trap:
    This Trap works like Delibird's favored move - Present, of course. If you're lucky, the Trap will heal you and your team. If you're UNLUCKY, however...the Present explodes, and triggers a Swarm Battle. In some Dungeons, taking your chances with a Present Trap will be your only way to heal, short of using items...
  • Uplift Trap:
    This is a good trap - step on it, and it heals you and your team as quick as you please They tend to be difficult to find; and some Dungeons may not have one at all...
  • Exit Trap:
    The exit, of course. Because Dungeons are meant to be explored to their fullest; they will always ask you first if you're really sure you want to leave. Make sure you have all the Items you want to carry out of the Dungeon with you, because in many cases, once you leave you can't go back!
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