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    Originally Posted by jakkinho View Post
    Hi I've been playing this hack for the last week and I must say that I am really amused by this one. Keep up the good work!

    Also I've got a few questions:

    - i found the roclobster, but is there any way to get out of there? I can't find a spot to "dive up" or anything else. And is it possible to catch it with an ultra ball? I've been trying for the last hour but it hasn't worked yet (got it paralyzed & lowest hp ever.)
    Edit: Found how to get out, but still wasn't able to catch it don't wanna waste my afro ball
    Edit 2: Finally caught it with an ultra ball!
    - is it possible to return to fort draco? I didn't read the entire thread so my apologies if you already answered this question.

    - where can i find badge number 4? I got 1-3 and 5-7, and i expect to recieve nr 8 after defeating norman (not strong enough for him right now)

    Also to mention, I haven't got the latest version, It's the first time I'm using a hack and I still need to figure some things out about patching/updating and stuff.
    The badges will work out. Kind of. And no, you can't get back to Fort Draco - yet.

    Originally Posted by JettenD View Post
    there's a bug in lilycove cave, there's a couple you fight and if you talk to the girl after, it replays what happened back in the cave with cutmans daughter.
    Thanks, I'll fix that.

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