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    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    Ah, the three Furis. They're really, really weird. Also they don't have sprites yet, so don't go looking for them. Neither does Téa Barqán, so same goes for that.

    X32763, the psychotic camera, isn't strictly a legendary, but it's really, really strong. I expect it obliterated you with Data Stream, like it did to me?

    Oh yeah, and please don't give away the identity of the legendary Pokémon that lies between Emonga and Lúca Zamón. That's meant to be something of a little plot twist.

    EDIT: And Shaderu is available, but since it's so powerful, it's a post-League, secret quest kind of thing that I haven't implemented yet.
    Dont worry. Im not some jerk who goes around and spoils things like this. As far as Shaderu, I was refering to those X panel traps in the Island of Calm and if they were catchable. For the camera, I was already so high leveled and I dont recall it ever using Data Stream. Im gonna restart after the next update so I can see if I can catch him.
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