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Originally Posted by Polizard View Post
Maybe it is just me but i think it is a little early to have a 5 on 5 battle. I personally would of preferred a 3 on 3 battle to be a bit of an Ice Breaker for the two and to give each others a taste of each others fighting style. I just hope they don't try to repeat what happened in the DP saga with Paul always being one step ahead of Ash i hope this time it is more even or even dare i say it Ash being one step ahead of the rival.

Ohh yeah and my prediction for this fight is Ash will just win with Mijimaru being his last pokemon. I only say this as i think Mijimaru will be Ash's power house in this region as it will start very timid and slowly learn about its own power and possibly reach its final form.
As mentioned earlier Hatooboo took out Mijumaru and Pokabu. As much as I would like Ash to win it seems as though Pururiru is going to dominate the end of the match.

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