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    Hey guys, i've been wondering something regarding Emerald.

    People have coded tools and stuff to use Emeralds "free space" which is that load of 00 bytes from around 0x9C2000 - 0xAFFFFF. Some people say they are not free space and shouldn't be touched. I also saw that it makes peoples music go funny with beeps?

    Well i ran a small test. I was thinking: If the game uses those bytes then filling them out with FF would make it chock; so i did it. The game ran fine and i tested 50 different songs and sounds in-game without problems, they played fine.

    So it begs the question: Can anyone confirm either the 00 bytes are free space and can be used or, that they cannot be used but with an explanation as to why.

    Also, regarding A-MAP, i think it searches from 0x6B0000 which, is not free space but includes data with quite a few 00 bytes there. If i remember correctly, voicegroup data looks like that with a lot of 00 to it. I have a feeling thats the "music beeps" people talk of as AM decided to write small data to those "blank areas".

    Thanks in advance,
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