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To make sure that signatures do not distract viewers and posters alike, should you decide to use a signature please keep the following rules in mind. If after reading these rules, you have any questions about whether your signature follows our rules, you may consult the Signature Review thread.

Images in signatures can have an accumulated limit of 500 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height (500 × 300). The total amount of images you have in your signature cannot exceed that limit.

The use of CSS in signatures cannot be used to bypass the latter limit either. A staff member has the right to disable your signature if they feel you are using CSS to bypass the 500 × 300 limit. In addition to the aforementioned rules, there are further rules in which you must abide by; you will find these rules listed below.

Text and font limits

The amount of text you may write in your signature is determined based upon pixel size. A moderator is allowed to disable your signature if they see it that you are exceeding these limits.
  • Your signature cannot contain text in a higher size than 5.
  • An image plus text cannot exceed 600 pixels in width and 400 pixels in height.

Restricted elements within a signature

There are specific elements have restrictions set from their use in signatures. Any content that fails to comply with the following restrictions will be removed.

There are filesize limitations for images.
Your signature images may not exceed 1 megabyte in file size. Large file sizes for images are most commonly seen in large, moving .gif images. To check the size of your images on Windows, save them to a folder, right click, and under the properties tab you will find how large your image in size.

Spoiler tags are not permitted in signatures.

YouTube videos may not be embedded in signatures.
Embedded videos may not be added to your signature. A link, however, to a video you would like to share is permitted so long as it is within the text limits.