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Originally Posted by Vernikova View Post
I forgot to post my thoughts on this before I did something better with my time. Why is it that all of the Pokémon Ranger specials are so bad? This one is terrible and the only reason I watched it was so I can give this thread a post. Ben 's voice is decent still. Pokémon Pinchers is such a crappy name as well. What were they thinking when they gave them that name. oh? Is that "As Long As I Can Hold My Breath"? The only good part of this special I guess. Red Eyes is a terrible name for a villain as well. I surprised that Pichu didn't shock himself as well. Oh well. They switched up Raikou's name again? Why? Oh well, bad special was bad anyway.
Because Nintendo of America assigned their worse translation teams to it and they came up with crappy names to it? (I wonder what names Bill Trinen would come up with.)

Natsuya was soulless as heck in this as opposed to his depiction in the main series. In fact, just about everyone was plain. (Just as plain as the characters in the translated game - also blame NoA for having such crappy translation.)

I found the special to be really awkward, what with the forced explanations of most ranger concepts and stuff. That stupid narrator wasn't helpful either.
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