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    Originally Posted by the :D View Post
    @ Porygon-Z, I don't really see why you would want to do it with the level 80s instead of 70s, but if you want you can but I'm not requiring it. so, should I put you down for HG/SS and are you going to try to fill the dex, too?

    - now have 78 in dex; now in seafoam islands trying to get that blasted articuno.
    Yes, I LOVE challenges!

    Name: Porygon Z (Red in Game)
    Game: Heart Gold (ROM)

    So my final team will be:

    ~ Lv. 88
    ~ Lv. 84
    ~ Lv. 84
    ~ Lv. 84
    ~ Lv. 82
    ~ Lv. 80

    A question...

    Can I train Espeon to Lv. 80 instead of Lapras? Just to have different team types.

    EDIT: Already started, in every case I'll get Eevee/Lapras later.
    Right now, I just got Totodile as started, did all the inital stuff, got the 1st Badge, and now I'm in Route 32, going on Azalea.

    EDIT 2: Got my 6th badge, captured Lapras, and now taking on TR in Mahogany Town.

    ~ Lv. 34 ~ Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle*, Iron Tail, Quick Attack
    ~ Lv. 34 ~ Double-edge, Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder, Petal Dance
    ~ Lv. 36 ~ Fly, Fire Blast, Slash, Dragon Rage
    ~ Lv. 36 ~ Surf, Protect, Aqua Tail, Rock Tomb
    ~ Lv. 35 ~ Belly Drum, Rest, Body Slam, Shadow Ball
    ~ Lv. 36 ~ Bite, Dig, Psybeam, Return

    ~ Lv. 27 ~ Confuse Ray, Ice Shard, Water Pulse, Body Slam (Actually stored)

    ~ Lv. 30 ~ Bite, Strength, Rock Smash, Twister (HM Slave)

    * with Pokèsav
    3DS Friend Code: 1864-9474-4763 (Matthew)
    X/Y Safari Zone: Ice-type, Snover/Bergmite/Dewgong

    Emblems awarded so far

    Alola Rotomdex completion: 294/301

    Currently looking for: Politoed, Weavile and Lunala Dex entries.
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