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    Ash is so ugh.
    That's all I can say, he is ugh.
    Shooti won, Ash lost, I wasn't that surprised. Ash needs to train his other Pokemon more :/ Seriously, Mijumaru went down in one hit, Pokabu in two, Pikachu's win then lose was a given and Mamepato was just sad. Tsutarja at least put up some sort of fight, but Ash blew it because he didn't know anything about Pururiru's ability. Even Iris cursed him out XD

    TR just keeps making me smile though, that seemed like a perfectly good waste of a getaway van for them to just trash it like that. But Giovanni is like probably loaded with cash, so meh.

    Shooti is so awesome. Its like having another Shinji around, minus the extreme fan hate. . . oh wait. :/
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