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    Update 1

    Let's get this party started!!


    It's a baltoy!! Baltoy are spinning tops...
    it makes sense now.

    Yes, please.

    Thank you for the kind donation of the name.
    I now have a toy called HEADSMASH.
    Well, I can't talk. I'm called DAY-GLO.


    Yes, Yes I am.

    OK, time to venture into the great unknown!

    That does not sound good.
    sigh. I better go investigate.

    Birch? is that you?
    Aaah! You're beeing chased by a foul demon come to rob you of your purity!

    He knows where I am! I-I cannot stay in the presence of such a man!

    Fleee! Fleeeee!
    Gah, his iron mind compels me to return...

    eeew. bad breath.

    Liam? Really? And what is with my hair?

    Boilbasaur? That can't be-


    Again with the breath! That's so unsanitary!

    Yay! DAY-GLO 1, Zombies 0

    Birch knows my name! Of course- Birch knows all.

    Isn't it obvious? Birch is an angel from above, sent to enlighten and enrich our lives!

    We have? Surely I have lead a blesséd life.

    I wonder who they could be...


    Let me think.... No, sorry.

    Exactly my thought's, me!

    [shudder] Boilbasaur...

    Nevermind. I daresay that your...

    I'll do anything for Birch. Just say the word.

    Miraculous powers of Teleportation?
    Birch is indeed a god!

    Shouldn't you be outside?
    If the zombies get in, you've already lost.

    Ahá! But first, let's explore the town...

    OK! Got a potion, blah, blah blah...

    I'll keep an eye out. Thanks lady.

    Start off? But everyone seems to be running here!

    hmm, no exit to the south.

    You can do it! You know what I always say:
    Kick Reason to the Curb and do the Impossible!

    Cool. I'll keep that in mind. Everyone here is so helpful!

    To the Mart!

    (let's not tell her.)

    Light potions? Something is gravely wrong with that.

    Calm down, man! Well, he's not moving, so let's try North.

    ...I should have known.

    Yep, here I am!
    What wisdom have you to impart to me?

    Insolence! Shut up, DAY-GLO!

    Well... This time I have to agree with me.

    Of course it is worth it! All that Birch says is good.

    Again, I have to agree with me on this one.

    Fair enough.

    Wooh! I'm on the rise! Ideal!

    Oh. I hate zombies.

    What a ridiculously stupid question! Seriously...

    Exactly my thoughts, me!
    I'm beginning to think that we're very like-minded.

    Yeah, why?

    Fair enough. I mean the brother part.
    I don't really think zombies would care if he beat the league.

    Also that.

    Sure, why not?

    I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

    OK! Petalburg it is! Isn't that where my Dad works?
    I hope I don't find Wally.

    Birch does not need justification!

    But I guess that's a pretty good reason

    I'd actually prefer an iPhone or Blackberry, but never mind.


    ... He's gone.

    Sorry, I just noticed that you weren't there before!

    I try to leave aaaand-

    Great. You're my rival then?
    You're mean.

    And Scary!

    That's not good. Immune to confusion and effective against both my ground and psychic elements...
    this could get nasty.

    Or not.

    You can say that again!

    OK, lady, calm down! ...She needs to take a chill pill!

    I'd better follow her.

    I'm on the right track! I think.

    Do I have to?


    Ghost girl eh? I didn't know ghosts had genders...
    I wonder if they can breed...

    I'm dreading this...


    DAY-GLO 2 Zombies 0!

    It's nothing, really, you had that under control- no rewards are necassary.

    I can Run now! Why do I need special shoes to run?
    Maybe that's why the zombies are killing people- They can't run!

    um, bye?

    Yes. That flashback was bad. I hope they improve.


    Uh, take my lunch! It's ham and cheese!

    Sorry, guys, I keep missing the pokémon in the screenshots.
    You'll be seeing a lot more, so don't worry.


    Yep, that's DAY-GLO 3, Zombies still 0

    uuuuuhm, I think I'll leave now.


    I'm almost there!

    Well, it's poetic, but makes no sense.

    Fear not, for the luminescent warrior DAY-GLO is here!

    Crap. DAY-GLO 3, Zombies 1

    Zombies 2

    Zombies 3

    Zombies 4

    Zombies 5

    Come on, this time!!


    Damn right! The luminescent warrior is back!

    DAY-GLO 4, Zombies 5 YEAH!

    Quick, back to heal!

    Oh, god, if he's harder than Janice...


    DAY-GLO 5, Zombies 5
    All tied up...

    Phew. Made it. That was a long and grueling journey.

    Yay! How useful.

    Sorry, I'm all out of fleeesh. Wait you wanted to battle?
    Why didn't you say so?

    Death! DAY-GLO 6, Zombies 5!

    Well, at least the nature is still here...

    Let's investigate the houses!

    How delightfully disturbing...

    We might as well...


    Daddy! I think...

    I'm gonna (row, row) fight the power!

    awwww. What a let-down.

    Unfortunately, yes.
    I'm beginning to regret that name.

    I hate it when people do that!

    um, right. I'll be leaving now...

    do what? do what? TELL ME!?

    Oh, great. A phalanx of zombies.

    I'm sorry I told you to die... I feel so guilty...
    I couldn't even look in Wally's house...

    He's really gone...

    Oh well! On we go!
    There's no yellow brick road.

    Headed in the right direction, I think?

    Not again.

    Oh. Ideal!

    I was just trying to talk to that lady! Where did you come from?

    um, you're just a bug maniac with your net cut off.
    You do know that, right?





    Have you only just noticed?
    Well, I guess you are just a bug maniac...

    It's ok, lady...
    Oh wait, no it's not.
    Nevermind! Byeee!

    Interesting info, young one...

    Ahh, the saltmeister, A.K.A Mr. Briny. He can help me!

    Or not. How am I going to get to Dewford now?

    You're in luck, 'cuz I'm packing HEADSMASH!


    You do realise that I'm never going to talk to you again?


    Well, into the forest. Wait. I can't venture in there with but one pokémon!
    I need backup!

    Perfect. Now all I need is a name...
    Any takers?