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Originally Posted by Akiyuki Aretukasu View Post

As of now, aside from the stacks of board, nothing is holding it together. In the end, it will probably be held together by super glue and screws.

Here's an update on it:

Hopefully I can dig up some metallic silver paint to replace the grey with. That would look awesome.

EDIT: And yes, thus far, it does work. (Added trim to back)
Looks cool! You should've tried I got my dueldisk there and it only cost me $20 ._. But now I've stopped cosplaying.. and they go for like much much more on ebay nowadays so I might sell it.
Try it for some cosplay stuff next time.

Also great stuff, but watch your form in some of your more rendered pieces. You sometimes lose it.. but just keep practicing!

Also.. for wigs.. @_@ I dunno if you finished or not, but don't use gel. It doesn't work. I use got2b glued (hairglue) and ice hairspray. Works wonders.. :3 and I got 1st place for best wig last time I went. So try that out, but make sure not to use too much. The hairspray can REALLY hold. The glue is just to style some strands in place. It's some good stuff. VM me if you want more info on styling OR wig-dying.
(I went as Jaden Yuki one year haha)
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