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Originally Posted by AshPikastar View Post
It wasn't surprising that Satoshi lost. I loved the battle with Tsutarja. It was great to see Satoshi use attract though. He defiantly needs to train his other Pokemon though. I would like to see more battles with Pokabu.
My thoughts exactly. Except, I'd like to see an equal rotation between his Pokémon and screentime. After this battle, they all need the training after losing so easily. No doubt Ash will get his victory some time, or by the end of the series. Until then, the writers are disappointing me in how badly they're making Ash lose since Sinnoh.

New region, new Pokémon and changes, I get. Except, Ash doesn't seem to be taking anything seriously enough. Unfortunately, the "fast" pace isn't helping either. I actually liked those filler episodes when Ash would spend training more. It actually showed growth in his character and his Pokémon. Except for Torterra; the writers just took a step back there. :\

Shooti doesn't bring out the best in Ash, like Paul had done though. That I can see. Paul and Ash shared a storyline with each other. As far as Shooti and Ash goes, they're just rivals. Nothing more, nothing less.

I expected Ash to lose in this episode, so I'm not surprised. There's just something that left me uneasy when it ended.

There's really not much to say about Team Rocket [yet].
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