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Originally Posted by ASuch View Post
I have a question about a script...In my town I want to have a script box that makes you go to a Rocket and then you say Yes or No to whether you want to proceed. Simple enough. What I'm wondering about though is that the camera will shift to the protest, which I'm fine with, but then I want to have different people talking such as "Woo!" "Yeah" after each other with May continuously preaching. Its not like I want them all on the same screen at once, but I want to know how the script will work, like if I have to make different offsets for each person, etc.
Since it is just a single continuous script you don't need to have offsets for the protesting people (If you're not going to be speaking to them afterwards like any other regular person). If I'm imagining it as you describe it, you will have everything on the one script and you won't be able to use or interact with any others.

You can't have two people talking at the same time from different text boxes, so if you want someone preaching and the crowd applauding or whatever, you will have to interweave the speech and the audience in the script, which isn't very hard - Think about recieving your Pokemon from Professor Oak and how your rival and the professor are talking to each other in the same script, and are unable to speak at the same time as the other.