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If I had the same pokes as you I would name them

Nitro,AeroSprrw,Dave,Cuzco,Pringels and J.T

Nitro cause mine was called Nitro
AeroSprrw because AeroSparrow a pun on Aerodactly and Spearow
Dave cause of this

<its an image not a spoiler
Cuzco because of a I saw a Disney-Nicknamed run of Pokemon White and it was called Cuzco
Pringles because it's the Pringels man
and J.T is for the same reason as Pringles.

I'm bored maybe I'll do a Monolocke later :3 (Monotype Nuzlocke) despite the fact Im doing a Platinum,HG and White Nuzlocke.But who cares I'm not in the mood to grind :PP
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