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AND I AM DOING NANOturnoffcapslockjeezWriMo. You can find me at Misheard_Whisper, as well as here on the YWP (only 15, bubs!). The best part of the YWP is being able to set your own word goal. Most use it to lower the goal because 50k is a bit much for most school-age students, but I'm being a moron and raising it instead. XD 120k, here we come! (and yes, I know it only says 90k. 120k is my mental goal.)

And maaaaayun, is November ever busy. Ugh. I have ten exams throughout the month. TEN. I've had seven of them, so most of the pressure's off, but I still have to juggle NaNo with studying for the one exam that I still actually need to study for. Bleh.

/me is considering pulling an all-nighter tonight, just for the hell of it.
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