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    sorry, haven't added you yet because my internet died pretty hardxcore, and now I'm back! :D

    of course you can use espeon! lapras was included in the original post because in GEN I you can't get espeon!

    okay, you're in for HG, and just interested: a) how did you get so far, so fast?, and b) do you want to do the national pokedex, the original 150, or just johto?

    - the 'dex challenge is much harder than I thought it'd be, especially since I can't hack, even if I wanted to, since I'm doing this not in a ROM, and I don't have a hacking machine. I'm at 82 right now...
    - grinding in GEN I is officially the MOST ANNOYING AND UNREWARDING THING IN THE WORLD. GRRRR.. I'm still at level 40s for my final team. blast.

    despite all this, I will continue as I have before. :D
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