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    I'm sorry. It was my understanding that a beta was going to be released last weekend. I looked in the first post, saw an download and went to town. And here it goes. (I had to use spoilers as the following is long and spoils much of the plot).

    I try not to make graphics that much important to be but this is madness. Tile errors everywhere. Broken behavior bytes (trees), doors that don't exist ( all of the inserted houses) and improperly inserted tiles. I tried to give you the BOTD but that went right out the window when I got my pathetic excuse for a starter (snubull???) and had to fight a random grunt who was struggling to get a Pidgey (which btw used Spearows OW). If that wasn't bad enough the game glitched after battling in the wild grass (Which had a pallete error btw). I managed to fix it without interupting my gameplay too much and went on to the first town. What I don't get is why there were so many unneeded scripts (all of which contained errors). On top of that for no explainable reason I had to go fetch Rarn from a Pokeschool, where I learned nothing since you removed the scripts. Then I go to his gym and tile errors are the first thing that greet me. Not only that I have no idea what type of gym it was. He used a Weedle & Spearow (btw WTF it knew Body Slam??). Then after it was all over he didn't give me my badge until i spoke to him again. Clearly you used trainerbattle 0x0 instead of trainerbattle 0x1 < which is what you use for gym leaders and "boss fights">

    I really hope this isn't all you had in store for us. I'm relieved to learn that that was just an alpha and not the beta, thank God. I hope all of the errors were fixed. If you need a beta tester don't hesitate to PM me as I pretty sure I can help.
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