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    It's been a long while since I've watched a dubbed episode... XD;;

    ^ The best expression ever!

    Its unbelievable how Ash falls for the lame traps set by Team Rocket each time. And how did Team Rocket forget to wear their electric-proof jackets or something? Equally weird. I bet the mecha Team Rocket used in this episode was the weirdest ever. Ah, at least it is electric-proof. Did I spot a set-square in one of its hands?

    It was nice to see some of Ash's old Pokemon, they sure bring back some old memories.. *sniff* I actually thought that Snorlax would eat up Pikachu.. lol Heracross as well! Bayleaf now reminds me of Mijumaru! (Similar nature XD) Nice to see Cyntaquil evolve as well. It had been really quite long. I liked the episode, overall.

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