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    Originally Posted by Dark Sceptile View Post
    Hey, my friend showed me this a while ago, and we played it like, non-stop. After a bit, my friend missed all the zombies and looting dead corpses, but when the zombies came back, he kind of didn't want them. I love what you did with Zigzagoon's line. I was just grinding up Linoone and POOF. He has a new evo. One thing I don't like is that Gigawolf, who is Zoruark, evolves from Mightyena.

    Anyway, love the hack. Hope it gets better, even though it's amazing now anyway.
    No one expects the Dragoone. No one. He's like the Spanish Inquisition. Crossed with a raccoon and a Rayquaza.

    And Gigawolf is a joke that became a little too serious. I advise you don't take any of Snakewood that seriously. I don't particularly care about maintaining the integrity of the Pokémon series if I can fit an obscure reference or a joke into it instead.

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