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    Okay, we are finally here at the Sinnoh League! But it's really cool how we get to see a lot of Ash's Pokemon from past times like Bayleef from Johto and Corphish from Hoenn. It's going to be a very interesting set of matches.

    And Bayleef owns Barry!

    Wow, TR almost got away with their scheme. They had a really interesting robot! It's too bad that they didn't count on Cyndaquil evolving into Quilava. And learning Eruption.

    Ash's Snorlax had to sleep! No wonder...

    Wow...Quilava's voice sounds really, really wierd...

    Ahh, the lovely Cynthia! I wonder how she will contribute in the next few episodes...

    Looking forward to the match between Ash and Nando!


    In the Sinnoh League:

    Ash. Dawn. Brock. Irvine. Contest. Gym Battle. Roses. This is...The Prism City Saga

    We can make a Pokémon Concert! All we need is Jigglypuff to sing...wait, that would be a bad idea because we would all fall asleep, Jigglypuff would get mad and then it would draw on all of our faces...yeah, let's not do that!

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