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    If you are new, then they are OK, but if you are not, then no. Like everyone else said, look at Chesu's tutorial. Or, you could search on google about scratch spriting tutorials.

    I would hate to use them in a game for a few reasons, they are incredibly flat and have barely enough shading, if enough. Then the outlines are jagged and not shaded which make them worse than before. Like blackmoonflower said, the concepts are not that good and very boring. If you really can't think of anything, get on Deviant Art and look for some concepts drawn out, and get the owner's permission to use the concepts.

    You know the dithering effect, that's for starts. If you get the idea of fakemon, and think that it's not just drawing random parts and calling it a fakemon, then you are on the right path. But don't think I'm bragging about being good at it, I even used to be like you, new, and wanting to jump right in on making sprites, but I soon learned that I needed to improve, and listening to what other people had to say is what got me to the level I am on today, and soon you will be here to with lots of practice, patience, and willingness to learn from what people tell you.