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    Originally Posted by the :D View Post
    sorry, haven't added you yet because my internet died pretty hardxcore, and now I'm back! :D

    of course you can use espeon! lapras was included in the original post because in GEN I you can't get espeon!

    okay, you're in for HG, and just interested: a) how did you get so far, so fast?, and b) do you want to do the national pokedex, the original 150, or just johto?

    - the 'dex challenge is much harder than I thought it'd be, especially since I can't hack, even if I wanted to, since I'm doing this not in a ROM, and I don't have a hacking machine. I'm at 82 right now...
    - grinding in GEN I is officially the MOST ANNOYING AND UNREWARDING THING IN THE WORLD. GRRRR.. I'm still at level 40s for my final team. blast.

    despite all this, I will continue as I have before. :D
    I must complete one of these Pokèdex? Now in Johto Pokèdex (256 dudes) I've catched 65 Pokèmon so far. Well, if I must, I'll complete the 1st Gen part.

    Anyways, time for an update.

    Now I'm grinding for the Pokèmon League.

    EDIT: Pokèmon League well defeated, now I'm in Kanto, getting the last dudes to fill 1st Pokèdex part (124 so far).
    After that, think I'll rematch all Gym Leaders and Elite 4, then grind to the right level and finally fight Red.

    Actually, it was very fun defeating Red with nearly his same team, items and movesets!

    ~ Lv. 88 ~ Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle*, Iron Tail, Quick Attack
    ~ Lv. 84 ~ Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Frenzy Plant
    ~ Lv. 84 ~ Flare Blitz, Blast Burn, Air Slash, Dragon Pulse
    ~ Lv. 84 ~ Hydro Cannon, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, Blizzard
    ~ Lv. 82 ~ Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Giga Impact, Crunch
    ~ Lv. 80 ~ Morning Sun, Dig, Psychic, Shadow Ball

    * with Pokèsav
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