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Originally Posted by Zeffy View Post
Ah..I remembered playing Diamond. Oh the memories. You make me think why I stopped playing it a few years ago. n__n

The only thing I don't understand, though, is the monsters having phones. o_o
Heh, cool that I got one person to recall them wacky adventures. =p And yes, that was always a confusing aspect of the game, especially considering some of the telephone calls...

Anyways, let's get right through that intro!

Part Two - A Whole New World
Or the rest of the long intro sequence in which a magic phone happens.

So where were we?

Ah yes, plummenting to our dooms. Let's get that bit over with already.

Sungki seems initially concerned by Bek falling directly on his head but then decides the tree stump is far more interesting.

The tree stump probably isn't the one to ask, just saying.

The tree stump's silence angers Sungki into more jumping!

Indeed it is - what a rude tree stump.

Well, I guess a mere headache isn't so bad considering how long you were falling there for...

Oh no!

Yes, what are you taking about. There's nothing strange going on here! Stop that crazy talk.

Ah, the pause for dramatic effect.

Le gasp!

When in doubt, turn around and then jump!

No, it's Munchkin land. With all that jumping you flew over the rainbow, obviously.

How old is this phone we're talking about here? I mean, I remember the old-style phones which had an antenna, but three, let alone four?

(He's possibly referring to the signal strength which shows four, but who can tell? Still just as outdated!)

Phones are very magical, it seems.

Always with the shooting, aren't you, Sungki.

A 'hard won portable'? A wonna is Bek? Clearly Sungki is too caught up in rambling to himself in a desparate attempt to try and make sense, while Bek is likely thinking to himself 'baseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseballbaseball'. A distraction is needed!

...yes, I suppose a random, talking turtle-like creature suffices.

Creepy turtle is creepy.

'Selected to stand and listen to Sungki wave phones about? Sadly, yes. Say, do you like baseball?'

"I like baseball. Do you like baseball?"

He's clearly not a 'man', Sungki. And find out what?

Gotta like something!

Wait, I though we were going to find out something? And look, another creature too.

This prompts a yes/no response. Saying no has him give you a Brief History of the Electric Monster's World, and then he repeats the question. Fun times!

The general gist of said history is that the worlds were separated by 'dark curtains', but mankind figured a way to go through them (by walking?). They brought with them phones to make friends with the e-monsters - the 'D-shoot'. Exchanging phone numbers become custom between friends, although now stronger e-monsters had more numbers than other ones. Hence, combat between them and winning was how they got more numbers, and battling was referred to as 'making phonecalls'.

If not, then don't worry, that was probably the best-translated part of the entire game! Let's find out why this...thing told us to come here.

Like Pokemon, names of creatures are in CAPSLOCK. FOR COOLNESS.

Blah Blah woe is village. I guess that's why pipelines are good things!

They're not worried - they looks very worried! Now that's worrying.

What sort of trouble, I wonder? Does he run about yelling obscenities, or steals everybody's left shoe?

I don't think Bek has moved an inch thus far inside the house. Not even a mere jump.

A friend! A friend of you, Bek!

Whatever you say, Not-Sandslash.

Phone Numbers is essentially like the telefang version of catching creatures. Now they do your bidding and all that jazz! Pity that doesn't work in real life. =(

It's the map that YOU have to fill in!

This can be regarded as a [fourth wall] which has been broken.

Sungki finally speaks and makes little sense.

'Quiet, Not-Sandslash, I'm still trying to find the baseball.'


Yeah, perhaps leaving is for the best, Bek.

And now we're outside! What fun.

Thus ends the intro sequence! Now one can control your character! But first, let's examine this map.

This map.
It is the best map!
Look at the places on that thing-
The map's blank. We have to fill it in _ourselves_.

Ok maybe the phone will be more interesting.

Phone is for calling! Call is for reading calls! Excitement!

Amusingly in the 'Options' part, there is a 'magic' option. Maybe the phone really does work on magic?
However, I do not know what this option actually does. ._.

The 'Mons' option is essentially your E-monster Dex of the game.

Never has a dex entry been so interesting.

This was the turtle-like creature.
Who asked Bek 'is that a cute kid' and proclaimed that he would show us 'funny things'.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Telefang.

An explanation of stats and then some actual playing sequences - complete with battles - awaits in the next part! Which'll come whenever I can be bothered! =D

Also this is a neat Telefang site for images like the above.