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    Here we go! Chapter 5. By the way, it gets a little dark here. Open the spoiler if you want to know why before you read.
    A teacher threatens to kill a student because he didn't want to join the villainous team.

    Pokemon: The Almia Conspiracy

    Chapter Five

    Zack was sitting in Field class at his first day at the Trainer Academy. His entire class was sitting outside in the expansive grass field located outside the main building of the Academy. The teacher, Mr. Tyler was teaching them about catching Pokemon.

    “You can lower a Pokemon’s HP down a lot before it faints. If you get it down pretty low then it will be easier to catch.” Mr. Tyler was explaining to them, while Zack was starting to doze off.

    Data, on the other hand, was listening with rapt attention even though he already knew all of these things.

    Finally, Mr. Tyler announced, “It is now time to go and catch Pokemon! You will have the rest of 6th period to catch as many Pokemon as you want to. Here in front of me are 30 Poke Balls of assorted kinds. Take a few at a time, and catch Pokemon!”

    “Start in 1… 2… 3!” he said afterwards, and all the kids rocketed off with Poke Balls in their hands.

    Zack was wandering around looking for some Pokemon, until he bumped into an Axew, which promptly attacked him.

    “Go, Staraptor!” Zack exclaimed, and Staraptor came out of its Poke Ball.

    “Starrr!” Staraptor cried, lifting up its wings for an intimidating effect.

    “Axeeewwww!” the Axew exclaimed as it used Dragon Rage on Staraptor, wounding it significantly.

    “Whoa, this thing is strong! OK, Staraptor, use Aerial Ace!” Zack commanded, and Staraptor attacked the Axew with Aerial Ace.

    The Axew stumbled around dizzily until it sat down on the ground to rest. Zack noticed that its HP was very low, and threw a Great Ball at it. The ball rocked until it made a faint clicking noise, signifying that it had been successfully captured. His Pokenav let out a short tone and a vibration, and Zack removed it from his pocket and pressed the button on the bottom of the device to wake it up. He noticed that the Pokedex app was open and showing the entry for Axew, which was now filled in. He clicked through the Pokedex until it asked him if he would like to nickname the Axew. He decided not to name it for now, and the app exited to his home screen.

    Zack continued to catch a Golett, a Purrloin, and a Skweed. Data had caught a Spinda, an Aerocanis, and a Mosslus.

    After everyone presented their Pokemon, Mr. Tyler said, “Now, the school requires that I give each one of you an Eevee for you to evolve into whatever you want it to."

    There was a murmur of assent passing through the class as the teacher passed out the Eevees inside their School Balls, Poke Balls with an ornate pattern on the front with the school’s coat of arms emblazoned over the button. Zack loaded the ball into the ball rack on his belt and headed off to 7th period, while Data stayed back and fiddled with his Pokegear.

    The teacher asked him, “Do you really need this class, Data?”

    “No, but I enjoy it all the same.” He replied.

    “Well, I’d like to interest you in a new class I’m teaching, for really smart students. How would you like to join target practice?” Mr. Tyler asked afterwards.

    “Sorry, but I’d rather stay with my friend Zack.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that, Data. Because now, I have to kill you.” Mr. Tyler said, while pulling out a bow and arrow.

    Suddenly, Director Quigley and around 20 students walked out for their next class, and Director Quigley exclaimed, “What the heck are you doing Tyler?! You’re not supposed to attack students!”

    “Director Quigley! Um… It’s not what it looks like…?” Mr. Tyler said, replacing the weapon in his messenger bag.

    “In my office, Tyler.” The Director commanded, and Tyler walked towards the main building.

    “Data, are you alright?”

    “Well, I’m certainly quite shocked. Can I just head up to my dorm room and sleep?” Data asked.

    “Sure you can, Data. Students, please ignore what just happened and focus on my lesson!” Director Quigley said as Data slowly trudged off towards the dorms.


    PHONE CONVERSATION – Tyler Kincaid – Hubert Kincaid

    Tyler: I have succeeded in my mission, father.

    Hubert: Congratulations. We will soon have control over all of Almia.

    Tyler: My “Target Practice” class will be very pleased to hear that our plan is almost complete.

    Hubert: They will be moving out to Sinnoh soon, correct?

    Tyler: Yes, father. We will destroy the lake trio and Arceus before they even have the chance to prevent us from getting Giratina, the last piece of our plan.

    Hubert: Good. I will see you again shortly.

    Tyler: Goodbye, father.

    Hubert: Goodbye, son.


    To be continued…

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