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    Originally Posted by meboli View Post
    Where is Four and Eight Badge..?Help Me Please..
    Fourth Badge? Isn't in the game yet; it completely slipped my mind. Eighth Badge is available from Esau in the Pacifidlog Gym. You don't need all eight Badges to challenge the League, though.

    Originally Posted by Ragnia View Post
    Alright I need more help......
    I just got Meteor's daughter the egg back from Gleis at the weather institute so where do I go next?
    Just keep going down Route 119 to Route 118, then east onto 121... I could be making this up.

    Note: I'm not making this up. Just keep going; the storyline will present itself outside the Berry Master's house.

    Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
    So yah, i've just fixed the elevator and entered it. What am i supposed to do next? Im thinking i need to use the warp tile but i don't have the key.

    2nd time on the sub.
    Hah! Another one foiled by my fiendish puzzles. Let me give you a hint:

    Ditto can Transform into anything. I repeat, into anything. Even a key.

    The Trick Master says he's the trickiest man in all Hoenn. Huh, he's got nothing on me.

    In other news... Snakewood has won Hack of the Week! How pleasing.

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