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What do you like to come to G&P for?
Post my own art and offer constructive criticism where I can. But my real motivation to visit the section in the first place is to look for inspiration and to see how other artists are progressing.

What would you like to see more of here?
More artists who stay longer and their galleries have good rate of updates and quality content. Basically more activity, but especially from you now lurkers here at PC who are seriously talented artists, but either have lost the will to make graphics, or just don't keep a gallery posted.

Are you a graphic artist or do graphics yourself?

Do you ever enter the competitions which G&P host in the Competitions sub-forum?
I have been on and off in the past, I don't really anymore, mainly because I have been really busy and only really gotten into graphics again as of very recently, but also, and it's a terrible excuse, but the serious lack of activity in the totw competition is really offputting, and finding the fun to challenge people is difficult. I guess if more people I knew participated and we kinda competed against each other not just to win the competition it would be more fun.

Do you think that Shop's are becoming a thing of the past?
I never really understood or liked shops despite having a few of my own which quickly turned to mush. Firstly, the people who have good quality stocks, truly appreciate the tag / icon as a piece of art, rather than something that looks cool to put in the signature/profile are generally the ones who are capable of making their own graphics.

If you could change one thing about this section, what would it be?
Ugh, nothing that can be achieved by changing the section, but what the entire PokeCommunity needs for this section to really flourish is an increase in graphics artists, and ones who are serious about making art so that they will stay long and keep posting new content instead of showing up, posting a few tags, then letting the thread die. We need artists whose galleries remain on the front page with heaps of comments from both updates, and also people taking the time to appreciate the art and leave a comment.
Basically, we need the people to change, not the section. In a gallery, every single comment is appreciated by the artist and will likely lead to an update. A comment with constrictive criticism in it as well will likely lead to many more updates. That is what we need, more serious artists and more serious posters.

Hope that wasn't too gloomy or serious or whatever, but I really wanna see this section explode with activity. It's the only section I frequent, and even lately I've felt truly disappointed in it.
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