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I have a couple of ideas for challenges that I thought I might post here, since I don't want to partake in one as I don't want to start my games again.

Random Egg Challenge: Participants will be given 1-5 eggs from other users and have to complete the game using those Pokemon. They will be allowed to use other Pokemon as well, but their Egg Pokemon should be the main Pokemon in the team. The people giving the Eggs will get to choose their Pokemon and would have to give them so they have almost hatched. The participants will not get to choose their Pokemon (to increase the challenge).
Obviously you wouldn't give crap Pokemon like Magikarp or Smeargle, but you could give someone like a Rotom or Slugma or Seedot to start with and they wouldn't know.

Everstone Challenge: Basically, you treat every Pokemon as if it were holding an everstone. Just don't evolve it at all. Eg: If you were to catch a Spearow, it wouldn't be allowed to evolve, whereas it would not be against the rules if one had something like a Tentacruel, so long as they caught it as one.