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    Originally Posted by Buoysel View Post
    I try not to spam up a thread by posting after every chapter, but I am a little curious about this one. Did the events of the games take place in your story? You mentioned Red, and this line (which I though was hilarious BTW):

    “Weird? My dear, we live in a world where giant creatures casually fall asleep in roads and entire criminal organizations are taken down by one brave, seemingly mute child. Yet this is weird?”

    Oh and I think the answer to your riddle is love.
    Ha, I'm not telling anyone the answer to the riddle...even though you may or may not be right...*feels bad about obvious riddle*.

    As for an answer to your question, my story is a bit of a game/anime hybrid; I took the elements I wanted from each medium and threw them together to make some sort of chemical explosion, resulting in this Powerpuff-Girl-type of story (with me being Chemical X, of course). Earlier in this chapter, I mention Ash:

    "...It took a black-haired Trainer with a Pokémon League hat, a Pikachu, and a Haunter to jolt me into my senses, and that wasn’t until much later…Alakazam was just an Abra then…”
    Well, Sabrina mentions Ash, rather. And Tracy appears in the beginning of my story.

    So, there ya go! My story is some weird, illegitimate Yeerk-style love-child of the anime, the game, and me. (That's right, I just threw in an Animorphs reference.)
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