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    Originally Posted by Tcoppy View Post
    This hack is really awesome
    Now I know to never use zigagoon as a useless slave in this game thanks to his epic yet confusing evolution,dragoon I can't wait for the next version so I can finish the lilycove sewer part

    And I know the secret behind the orpheus ball -kinda obvious if you read a whole lot of greek myths-
    The orpheus ball is the premere ball with a different name cause of the way it looks
    to me the orpheus ball looks like a holy ball of some sort, and there was this man named orpheus that sang as beautifuly as the God Apollo and orpheus sang so beautifuly it was like a holy song and everyone would be uplifted until his gruesom,sad death
    I could be wrong though
    Yes, Dragoone tends to have that sort of effect on people. You do realise that you can actually leave the sewers in the version currently available? It goes up until the Pacifidlog Gym.

    The Orpheus ball works on two levels: one, it is an irreverent reference to the failed resurrection of Orpheus' wife by the legendary musician; two, it is a reference to something that no one except myself will actually understand. There is another myth about Orpheus, however, which is the one you're referring to. And I haven't called it the Orpheus Ball because of its looks, I've done so purely because it was a spare Pokéball item and I wanted to add in that reference.

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