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    Originally Posted by cheatfreak23 View Post
    I never knew that that Dragoone thing was evolved from Zigzagoon. I had seen him from the screenshot on the first page and never knew what or how to get Caboose from Red vs Blue would say, "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!!"
    I don't think there is a picture of Dragoone on the first page. At least, I can't see one...

    But I hope this opens your eyes, everyone. There are a lot of new evolutions knocking around. So find them already!

    Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
    Yet again im stuck. Im on mount pyre now and i can't get that severed head to move. I tried giving the dispel toke to a pokemon and that didn't work. I've got badges 1,2,3, and 5. Just saved Meteors daughter.

    Nice job with the telefang refrences. The only thing that could top that would be some digimon refrences.

    Before i forget. What about secret bases? ARe those still in or did you remove them?
    Are you inside Mt. Pyre? If you are:
    Go out, Surf clockwise around the mountain, and look for the other entrance.

    And about the Digimon: who's to say they won't be there? I've got Spectrobes and Denjuu references already; it seems only natural to me to include the Digimon and hit a perfect 'mon' union.

    Secret Bases, for the record, still exist. I'm not sure where I've put the TM Secret Power, though. I'll find it for you.

    Originally Posted by Tcoppy View Post
    Oh I meant going to the ship part
    but the myth was when his wife dies and he goes to hades asks to have her back he said yes but never look at her until you return to the real world sand he looked back and he became glum and got killed
    Exactly. That was the myth I was referring to. I thought you were referencing another myth in which Orpheus stars.

    Oh, and since Dragoone has been discovered, I might as well post his base stats. I think that as people inform me they've discovered a new Fakemon, I'll post the stats.

    • HP - 88
    • ATK - 97
    • DEF - 50
    • SP ATK - 78
    • SP DEF - 175
    • SPD - 78
      Abilities: Pickup/Bulletproof

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