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Originally Posted by chaos11011 View Post
If I had the same pokes as you I would name them

Nitro,AeroSprrw,Dave,Cuzco,Pringels and J.T

Nitro cause mine was called Nitro
AeroSprrw because AeroSparrow a pun on Aerodactly and Spearow
Dave cause of this

<its an image not a spoiler
Cuzco because of a I saw a Disney-Nicknamed run of Pokemon White and it was called Cuzco
Pringles because it's the Pringels man
and J.T is for the same reason as Pringles.

I'm bored maybe I'll do a Monolocke later :3 (Monotype Nuzlocke) despite the fact Im doing a Platinum,HG and White Nuzlocke.But who cares I'm not in the mood to grind P
Heh, I loved that guy's run. Quite entertaining and comedic, and of course he used ranculus, just try not to spend too much time on you know where, you'll get all corrupted and I'm never in the mood to grind, its quite ardous.

paired to kaori & vrai