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    BobandBill you are amazing!!!
    I have ruled Riley out of the story completely, unless I choose for him to make a cameo appearence or whatever. Anyway I have read alot of things about how the trainer got their starter Pokemon, and instead of the whole normal proffesor gives you the pokemon, I have another idea.

    So the main character has had a Shinx for some time now (a few years maybe), and they have become close friends already, and completely trust one another. But the main character (I am thinking of calling Vox. What do you think??) has never really wanted to battle for gym badges or the elite four. He has battled the odd trainer and his Shinx is now a Luxio.

    So the journey starts when Proffesor Rowan and Lucas are out in the field doing some research or something. Then they are attacked by distraught wild Starly (the reason for them being distraught will be explained later), and Lucas (who has only made a cameo appearence in the anime) fights with his very young Magby (nicknamed Mag), which puts up a good fight until the multiple Starly begin to use Quick Attack simultaneously, when Vox jumps into battle with his Luxio, and they fight off the Starly, who fly away scared.

    That is what I have so far, and the battle is the first appearence of thus far named Vox. Then Rowan wants him to do stuff, gives him a Turtwig to help aid him, and sends him off on his journey!

    What do you think??

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