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    Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
    Dont know why but when i saw the name of sevipers evo i was for some strange reason reminded of professor snape. I don't know why.

    Anyway i think i might have found a nice bug for you to squish. In the studio level of the film school i walked down to the bottom of the hall and tried to enter the door and the green haired girl/lady standing by it turned around and started walking towards me and then my game froze.

    I'll try to get a ss of it up later.

    Oh and nigera is a beast. He slaughtered half my team before i took him out. Oh, and loved the l4d refrence.

    Edit - Whats the red ditch refrence from? I know its a refrence to something.
    Where is the red ditch reference? Tell me, and I might let you know what it refers to.

    And about that film school thing... yeah, I'm still working on it. Not entirely sure what I did wrong there.

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