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    Originally Posted by Starmine View Post
    Looks ok so far, the demo was fun to play. Just one suggestion.. why do you credit yourself for your own scripts, maps and overworlds..? Never saw someone doing that before, sounds weird in someway to credit yourself for your own hack.
    I am weird. It seemed apt at the time.

    Originally Posted by Ragnia View Post
    Alright I just beat the Senex in lilycve and was told to go to the elite four. But where the heck are the 4th and 8th badges?!?

    Also in Fort Draco the dragon in the pokemon center turns into a biker when he heals your pokemon.
    I know he turns into a biker. I'll fix that... sometime. And: For the last time, you don't need all eight Badges to challenge the Elite Four.

    I'll pull the full line... Got it. This is a dead witch. Its somewhat like a red ditch, only spelled diffrently and completely diffrent.

    Anyway i've replicated the bug i mentioned earlier. It looks like its completely random though. Sometimes it freezes the first time, sometime it takes 3/4 times to freeze.
    Do you mean that the bug only happens some of the time?

    And as for the red ditch, I did just make that up - although I stole the joke style from the Kingdom of Loathing.

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