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I have no problem with your post, Team Fail. I was directing my reply to those who are clearly under the impression that they can post in this thread and expect us to be stupid enough to give them an emblem. It's been what? Two hours this thread has been up and I'm already starting to become annoyed by the amount of people taking it for granted. I knew some would, but I honestly didn't expect that it would happen so soon... I mean, honestly. Making obvious attempts to "fail" at tagging? Randomly sending VMs to moderators abusing smilies now that this thread is up? No. You'd likely never get an emblem in your PC life if that's what you're going to do. I'm getting pissed off by the begging.

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I can't get the format genius or whatever. I almost always notice the mistakes, or edit my posts soon after D=. I think this kind of takes the fun out of everything, but whatever.
Thank you!