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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
I know you weren't talking to me about that, but as an example. I love that invisible tag,a nd some members may use that to try and "hide" a way to achieve an emblem like that. And Narcissius is right- sometimes our personal habits, like correcting typos spoils it for us. We have to put in the effort to get that emblem. I'm putting in effort for the Color Cordinated emblem now, but I'm not asking for it. If I don't get it, I tinker in my CP until I do eventually get it. Then there are some we stumble across, and some we get off the bat, like the supporter emblem. I also see these emblems as getting boy scout badges- you have to work for them and you have to put in the time and effort for them.
Oh, okay. Now I'm talking about you. :)

"There's a difference between deserving an emblem and trying to get an emblem. We aren't going to give emblems to people who are trying to give you an emblem."