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    Yo guys, I'm back! I was gone from September, October, and part of November because of 5th Gen stuff. I didn't want to be spoiled, since everyone was putting them in avatars and signatures. However, recently I found out that you can disable avatars and signatures, so I'm back! No Gen V spoilers for me!

    Originally Posted by pokemicro View Post
    I don't know if anyone has asked this or not, but will there be pokemon contests, secret bases, and will you be allowed to use dive?
    There will be no Pokemon contests because they're boring as hell, and there will be no secret bases to save tile space, and I haven't decided on Dive.

    Also, this game is getting a MAJOR makeover. In fact, Beta 2 will come in a LONG time, because I'm creating a rom base that will be the perfect base for a Pokemon Saga game. This rom base will take a long time to finish, which is why Beta 2 won't be coming for a while...