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Originally Posted by Canine View Post
I was thinking last night, since this pokemon doesn't have a body, that it could use powers to possess others. I'm still working out why he wants revenge, I'm working out ideas. I might (keyword: might) also add a sub-plot where he tries to find his body. I'm not 100% sure on that one though.

I might not introduce this bad pokemon for the first chapter or two, that way I can spend a little extra time developing the region, explaining what happened in those 30-40 years, and character development. I'll have hints of his upcoming awakening/return, but not right away. I'm also going to explain why some regions are more high-tech, while others are still medieval-like.

I still not sure what roles the anime characters will play (if any), but I know they'll be mentioned here and there. If they do appear, I'll try to make it related to the story, and not where they just appear out of no where.

Also, in this story, instead of the characters being 10 and such, they'll be 14 (maybe 15). Don't worry, I'll explain why you have to be 14-15 instead of 10. I forgot to mention that in my original post.
Makes sense with waiting to introduce it (unless you wish to do a short prologue hinting at it to grab the reader's attention and make them wonder about it). Seems that you're developing the idea well thus far - good luck with it.
Originally Posted by IanDonyer View Post
Not quite sure if this is exactly where something like this belongs, but I'll take a shot in the dark here.

Question for you all. What effects do you guys think a Pokemon's attack - specifically Confuse Ray from a weak Pokemon - would have on a human? How long do you think it would take the effects to wear off?

Yes, this is to help with a part of the plot of my current story. Help would be appreciated.
I personally would imagine that the effects would not be much different in terms of how long they last compared to how long they may last for a Pokemon. As for the effects...there's a lot of options with that I suppose - disorientation/dizziness, or unsure what they were trying to do... up to you and would probably depend on the situation as well.

Originally Posted by AmayaTakahashi View Post
Hey guys!!! Amaya here (But you can call me May, lol)

I'm working on a new FanFic (Prologue is up in fanfic section), But I need some help.

Plot Idea:
Takes place in an imaginary region called Morea
The main character's (Maria's) mom gets kidnapped, and her father dissapears. This takes place a week after one of her long-time childhood friends is kidnapped. She quickly deduces that Team Luna(ris( is optional, but is part of teams whole name)) has taken them because of their trademark "Lunar Beam" Beacon. (Kinda like the Dark Mark, lol. Didn't realise that until now!) She teams up with her friend Jonathan to go save Akira and her parents. But is that exactly what Team Luna had expected?
Well as it's a fanmade region be sure that it's well established to begin with, and I suppose some backstory on her parents' relationship with Maria and their 'Lunar Beam' as well would be something to establish - as well as why this Team Luna would want to steal it and all.

Would the police be/have been involved in looking as well? It would strike me as odd if nobody reported these disappearances.
Anyway Maria doesn't like being a trainer, but in the Morea region every child has to have at least one year of experience. Her Eevee has become quite bonded to her, and saves her from danger more than once. Her Eevee has almost a psychic nature(hint-hint nudge-nudge on Eeveelution.). In the first chapter (which I have written, but not posted) she and her friend Jonathan are talking to Professor Willow and the radio comes on. But halfway through the announcement Team Luna pre-empts it and gives a threatening warning.
I do wonder why the region has such a rule considering I can't think of any obvious reason (after all every other region does not seem to have such a law.
Originally Posted by Will94 View Post
BobandBill you are amazing!!!
I have ruled Riley out of the story completely, unless I choose for him to make a cameo appearence or whatever. Anyway I have read alot of things about how the trainer got their starter Pokemon, and instead of the whole normal proffesor gives you the pokemon, I have another idea.

So the main character has had a Shinx for some time now (a few years maybe), and they have become close friends already, and completely trust one another. But the main character (I am thinking of calling Vox. What do you think??) has never really wanted to battle for gym badges or the elite four. He has battled the odd trainer and his Shinx is now a Luxio.
Makes sense to me - certainly plausible to already have a Pokemon after all. (And the nickname seems fine to me).

So the journey starts when Proffesor Rowan and Lucas are out in the field doing some research or something. Then they are attacked by distraught wild Starly (the reason for them being distraught will be explained later), and Lucas (who has only made a cameo appearence in the anime) fights with his very young Magby (nicknamed Mag), which puts up a good fight until the multiple Starly begin to use Quick Attack simultaneously, when Vox jumps into battle with his Luxio, and they fight off the Starly, who fly away scared.
I believe this is as per the D/P/Pt games in part (only the prof is also attacked instead of just the people who find the briefcase are attacked)... I guess also a mix of the RSE games with Birch being attacked. [/musing]

That is what I have so far, and the battle is the first appearence of thus far named Vox. Then Rowan wants him to do stuff, gives him a Turtwig to help aid him, and sends him off on his journey!

What do you think??
Seems all right, although you may need to add a bit more as to why Rowan gives him the Turtwig (seeing he already has a Luxio) and what 'stuff' does Rowan want him to do as well (and along with that the motivation for the character to do said stuff.... for instance, Rowan wants some delieveries retrieved or the such making it a job so the character'll get paid for it?)
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